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Bear Medicine

Mama Bear

It’s Bear Medicine time, my journeying friends!

Post your journey experiences with Bear Spirit below in the messages and you will be entered in a drawing for a medicine reading! I look forward to reading your experiences with this amazing, protective and nurturing medicine. ♡

If you don’t know how to journey, then sit quietly and ask Bear spirit to come join you in meditation. Allow impressions from this powerful spirit to come to you.

Let Mama Bear nurture you this gorgeous winter.



2 thoughts on “Bear Medicine”

  1. When I was a young girl, I spent a lot of weekends and summers at the family cabin at Lake Shasta in California. One summer I spent many days playing on the front porch with a young bear. Mama Bear would come and “drop him off” and wander up the road to forage for berries. When Grandma came out one day to bring me lunch she got quite a shock seeing me sitting next to bear and playing dolls. There was screaming and the shot gun came out. No bears were harmed that day, but they didn’t come around much after that.

    This year I committed to walking with Bear for at least a year and have gained so many beautiful lessons through rekindling this natural relationship. Walking with Bear makes me feel strong and protected and like a capable and loving mother. And when the world is too much to take, Bear receives my tears and worries and reminds me of my strength. Just recently, in a dream, I was given the name Hummingbear. I recognize that Bear is a primary medicine ally who heals my wounded child and is deepening my spirit beyond anything I could have ever expected.

    Blessed Bear hugs and a cuddly season to you. 🙂

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