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Earth Medicine Online Workshop!

 Would you like to take an Earth Medicine journey with me? 

10580076_10201889809361477_7865765906541030911_n Each lesson in this 6-month medicine journey will include the following topics:

Journey exercises, Animal Spirit medicine, Plant Spirit medicine, Stone Spirit medicine and creating a working Earth Medicine Altar.

Lesson 1 teaching: Connection, Cleansing and Creating Sacred Space Medicine of the North: Earth. Grounding practices and Stillness Bear and Deer Medicine Root Medicine, Mushrooms and Elder Medicine Immune System

Lesson 2 teaching: Deepening your Relationship with your Spirit Allies Medicine of the East: Air. Bird Medicine Energy Medicine Nervous System Allies Passiflora, Oat and Kava Medicine

Lesson 3 teaching: Boundaries and Relationships Medicine of the South: Fire. Mountain Lion and Wolf Medicine Hawthorn, Rose, Cacao Cardiovascular Medicine

Lesson 4 teaching: Emotional Wholeness; Authenticity and Integrity Medicine of the West: Water. Dolphin Medicine Lymphatic Medicine Cleavers, Chickweed, Violet

Lesson 5 teaching: Connection and Right Relationship Medicine of the Above: Spirit. Hummingbird Medicine Ancestral Allies Mountain Medicine: Wisdom

Lesson 6 teaching: Healing the Medicine Carrier Medicine of the Below: Within Mugwort Medicine Black Panther Medicine Healing the non physical: shadow work River Medicine: Wash it all Away

I am thrilled to be offering these lessons online! Spend 6 months in a deep, restorative experiential with me. We’re going to have a blast! Course Registration: $97 Registration Closes: November 28, 2014! Register HERE! 

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Earth Medicine Workshops

Earth Medicine Workshop: Sacred Space and Right Relationship


“I was just sittin’ here enjoyin’ the company. Plants got a lot to say if you take the time to listen.” ~Eeyore

Do you have a desire to connect deeply with your land? Do you wish to strengthen your relationship with a particular area? Are you curious about the “spirit” that your land holds?

Sacred Space and Right Relationship is the introductory workshop in my Earth Medicine series.

Come join me Saturday, September 13th, at the Holistic Center in Tupelo, MS, and we will explore:

What Earth Medicine is
The meaning of creating “sacred space”
Understanding “right relationship” or “ayni” in relation to land
How to connect with the spirit of your land
How to trust the impressions that come to you
Developing a “sit spot”
Tips and tools for deepening your connection experience

and tons more!

This series of workshops is for you if:

you love trees, plants, animals, and the earth, and you desire deeper connection with them,
you are interested in shamanic tools for self healing,
you love ceremony and ritual, and you want to learn how to take your spiritual practice to another level,
you are naturally curious and have an open mind.

This series is not for you if:

you don’t particularly care for the “outdoors”,
you feel uncomfortable around alternative ways of expressing one’s beliefs,
you are looking for a shaman to help you with mental health challenges, (contact me personally if this is a concern for you, and I am happy to give you trusted referrals, as well as possible options for working with me)
you don’t like to explore altered states of consciousness or the non-physical.

Are you excited? Great!

Place: The Holistic Center: 2609-A Traceland Drive, Tupelo MS 38804
Facilitator: Dana Tate Bailey
Cost: $20
Pre register by sending $20 via Paypal to the email address above. In the notes section, type “Earth Medicine workshop” so I know the purpose of this payment.

Please note:
Space is limited to 10 participants. If you would like to register but you do not use Paypal, please send me a message and let me know to hold a space for you.

If this series really interests you but timing/date is an issue, please contact me and we can discuss alternate avenues for you to enjoy this experience.

Also keep in mind that I am developing a mentorship series of classes that are designed to assist you in your personal (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual) wellness journey, and this workshop will help you to determine if earth medicine work is a good fit for you.