Earth Medicine, Herbalism, + Right Relationship

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My name is Dana Tate Bailey, and I am a nationally certified, provisionally licensed counselor; ceremonial herbalist; Earth Medicine practitioner; and diversity affirming end of life doula in Tupelo, MS.

I wear many hats in my community. I am a teacher, a workshop facilitator, a shamanic practitioner, and a guide at the end of life. Know that, no matter which hat I am wearing, my focus is on being of service.

When I created this website in 2010, the only southern herbalist I knew was me. Now I am part of a rich, beautiful community; filled with herbalists, earth lovers, shamanic practitioners, therapists, bodyworkers, and medicine makers.

If you are searching for an herbalist to help you with a specific issue, you may want to reach out to get a list of my herbalist friends who are currently taking clients. Unfortunately I cannot be a community herbalist and a counselor at the same time (that can be considered “prescribing”), so now my work with herbalism is ceremonial. If you would like to learn about herbalism, check out my friends at Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. Tell them I sent you. ♡

This website is primarily for information about Earth Medicine and the shamanic work that I offer. Here are some of my favorite ways to work with people.  Feel free to contact me for more information:


Emotional Clearing Sessions – This empowering online (or in person) session uses the felt sense and guided imagery to locate, recognize, and work with the emotional blocks that keep you from experiencing your best life.

Power Restoration Sessions – Do you feel as if someone has taken your power? Is it possible you have given some of your power away? Read more here: Who Holds Your Power?

In-person work is available for local clients.


Not Your Normal Reiki Session – Combines Usui Reiki with Earth Medicine energy practices in order to address specific needs of your four primary energy bodies, so that these non-physical wisdom bodies can self-correct. When you are balanced and whole in non-physical reality, your physical reality must shift in response. My clients love this blended modality! We can work together in person or distance.

Tulip Poplar

Mentorship Sessions – If you want some one-on-one time so that you can work through significant issues in your life from an Earth Medicine perspective, consider scheduling mentorship time with me.  These sessions are designed to work with a wide variety of issues, both in person and online. This is not a therapy session, and I am not acting as a therapist in our work together. If either you or I feel that therapy would be helpful for you, I am happy to offer you some therapy resources.

Please visit my shop at the link above if you are interested in any of my classes, workshops, or services.


P.S. Is my shop not working properly at checkout? Do you need to send funds for products, services or a workshop? You can use this PayPal link if Squareup isn’t working for you or if you live outside the United States.

Credentials: Dana is a nationally certified P-LPC under supervision, shamanic practitioner, herbalist, Reiki master teacher, Integrative Craniosacral Therapy Instructor, End of Life Doula, and Earth Medicine facilitator.

MS LMT CE provider: MAP#90
*LMT #519, Retired

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