Fukit Elixir


Anxiety Ease, aka “Fukit Elixir”

This bottle of “it’s all good” ambrosia is packed with gorgeous plants who have worked together to ease my anxiety episodes and strengthen my wonky nervous system. It is fondly referred to as my “Fukit Elixir”.

I don’t use this blend every single day. I keep it close and use it intentionally…

  • when I know I am going to be involved in a potentially uncomfortable situation or conversation,
  • when I feel the beginning stages of anxiety,
  • when I feel upset and overwhelmed, and I have a hard time making a decision

If you read the above and say, “That’s me all day, every day,” then I suggest you look into using herbal support along with other stress management tools, such as mindfulness, breath exercises, meditation, a grounding practice, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, etc.

I also encourage you to try new things if you can (depending on the severity of your condition). In my Earth Medicine practice, we have a daily grounding practice, an energy hygiene practice, and we use  smudging, emotional clearing, gentle movement and Earth Medicine connection techniques to help with anxiety, depression, and feelings of disconnection.

Ingredients in my elixir: Equal parts of  Milky Oat tops, Mimosa blooms and leaves/bark, Skullcap, Passionflower, Memommy’s Wild Roses, and Kava root in honey and vodka. I rarely have this product available for purchase; when I do, I put the link to purchase in my shop. I encourage you to make your own if you are herbally inclined. This is my personal blend, but this isn’t MINE; know what I mean?

If you are taking any sleep aids or anti anxiety medications, i.e. xanax, klonopin, citalopram, etc., talk to your doctor before you consume any herbal preparation that contains kava root (Piper methysticum). Also, you may not want to take kava while inebriated.

With any product on my website, don’t just trust my experience or my research; do your own research. I ain’t your doctor, and I am not responsible for telling you whether or not you can safely consume this delightful product.

Resource I love love love:

Online Anxiety Course by Kirsten Hale, the Crazy Herbalist!

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