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Equine Therapy: Meet the Therapists

As I shared recently, I experienced a wonderful healing session with three amazing therapy horses in Moscow, TN, and I asked Jennifer and Shilo to share some interview time with me so that you could learn a bit more about … Continue reading

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Equine Therapy

I spent the most amazing afternoon with these three beautiful horses in an equine-assisted psychotherapy session. Jennifer Drabowicz and Shilo Satran have an equine-assisted psychotherapy practice in Moscow, Tennessee; and Jennifer’s three horses, Sam, Red, and Blaze, were powerful mirrors for me when we … Continue reading

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A Prayer of Thanks

A Prayer of Thanks Thanksgiving Address by Jake Swamp I have loved this for a long, long time, and I wanted to share this beautiful Thanksgiving Address with you. Let’s go back to honoring prayers, to gratitude prayers for all … Continue reading

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Not Your Normal Distance Reiki Session

If you are at all familiar with Reiki, you know that it is a beautiful, gentle healing energy that, when sent to a willing recipient, goes exactly where it needs to go in order to bring balance and healing to all aspects … Continue reading

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LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ community in Mississippi (and anywhere that my internet connection can reach) has allies at the Holistic Center in Tupelo, MS. I have worked closely with this community for many years, and I feel that it’s past time to … Continue reading

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Dana and Her Boo

Boo and Me: an ongoing saga January 2013 – May 2016 Me: Uh, Boo, I think you tilled my comfrey up. Jack: Oh, damn. I’m sorry. Me: That’s okay. Expect it to be all over the place now. *bwahahahaaaaaaaaaa* Me: … Continue reading

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Interview with Tumbleweed Apothecary!

Strong Women: Dana Bailey – Herbalism, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Reiki Let’s talk about earth medicine in the deep South; how the dense, verdant air moves and shifts, how history survives among the living, and the people whose roots hold tight … Continue reading

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Final Call for Earth Medicine Carriers!

I am so thrilled to begin our Earth Medicine 6-month Online Intensive again! Starting tomorrow, December 1st, we will learn how to connect, honor and develop right relationship with all of our relations; plant, animal, mineral, tree, mountain, etc., and we … Continue reading

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Authentic Conversations

I’m really big on authentic conversations. Conversations that can change our perspectives. Conversations that help us expand our awareness. What I’m not big on, however, is using these conversations as a platform for driving another person’s “list” to your website. … Continue reading

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Extreme Self-Care

Create your own Self-Care Support System My work life is changing in a really big way. My body is giving me very clear messages that massage therapy and other very physical forms of bodywork are no longer in my future; … Continue reading

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Winter Earth Medicine

Most of my life, winter was … well … blah. And cold. And tiring. Spring and fall are my seasons; I feel much more energetic when it’s not so-damn-cold or so-damn-hot. When my spiritual practice began to revolve around the … Continue reading

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