Earth Medicine


Is Earth calling you to carry her medicine?

Earth Medicine is for people of all beliefs, ethnicities, and identities, who want a deeper relationship with Mother Earth and all of her children… animal, plant, mineral, etc. Earth Medicine teaches us how to walk in right relationship with ourselves and with all of our relations. We learn to heal ourselves and how to model healing for others in a healthy, respectful way.

Earth Medicine is a contemporary form of shamanic work. I choose not to call it shamanism because I do not hold to any particular tradition. If you are looking for training in traditional shamanism, please let me know and I will direct you to trusted sources. My training has come from different traditions and I honor them all. Most of my training, though, has been through direct experience with my personal allies.

In my spiritual practice and my personal healing work, I call in and work with the spirits that I know infuse every mineral and speck of water and piece of earth and particle of air and spark of fire, and I work in community with them for my best life experience and for healing my whole self. When the non-physical self receives healing, the physical self must be affected.

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I teach people how to reconnect to the earth and inspire them to discover their whole, healed selves within this connection. Many times our deep emotional aching that has no name has its roots in disconnection from nature. By the way, have you read up on nature deficit disorder? It’s fascinating stuff.

I offer mentorship opportunities and teach Earth Medicine workshops (and sponsor events) that are incredible opportunities for healing and spiritual growth. My heart’s focus is offering people the perspective that they don’t have to suffer while they inhabit the earth; they are never alone, and they always have support.

Bear and Horse Medicine Bundle

Do you feel a desire to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth and her plant/animal/mineral creation? Do you want to incorporate Earth Medicine into your practice of personal wellness? Are you a practitioner who wants to take your work to a more intimate level with Spirit? Do you simply want to establish a connection with creation from a shamanic perspective?

Then here’s how you can work with me.

In Person workshops are currently on hold, but here’s what we usually do:

(Tupelo, MS)

Earth Medicine Intensive workshops – One Sunday afternoon per month, medicine carriers meet up for three hours of training in Earth Medicine skills. These workshops are loosely based on my online intensive, and together we are able to do hands on work with plants, with medicine tools, and we practice journey work together. This is a great way to learn about Earth Medicine and to develop your unique spirit support!

Private Earth Medicine Connection Workshops – My in-person Earth Medicine workshops are designed to help you connect with your land, build right relationship with the spirit of your place and create your own earth honoring ceremonies. We cover journey work, accessing different levels of the non-physical, gratitude ceremonies, healing ceremonies for the earth and how to determine if a specific area needs shamanic healing. These workshops are different from the workshops above, and are more focused on bringing healing to Mother Earth.

Feel free to email me for more info on either of these workshops.


Online work with me is lots of fun. We have a community on Facebook where we share ideas and experiences. You will receive an email each month that will cover amazing topics such as journey practice to deepen your relationship with specific animal spirits, plant allies, mineral siblings, and different aspects of yourself in order to bring about wholeness and healing to your non-physical self. We will learn how to create and work with medicine altars, how to make and offer gifts of gratitude to land, river/stream and mountain allies. We will make medicine pieces and bundles that will support us while we do our inner explorations. There is so much to cover together.

Here is what we cover in our year-long experiential:

Earth Medicine Experiential

Each lesson is approximately 2 months in length so that you have time to fully work with and integrate the teachings. I will be your guide as you explore the following:

Lesson 1 teaching: Connection, Cleansing and Creating Sacred Space

Medicine of the North: Earth, Stone, Moss, Earthquake.
Setting up an altar
Gathering medicine tools
Working with Stones, Plants and Animal Medicine
How to Journey
Journey: Bear, Deer, Fox, Wild Geese
Plant Medicine: Eastern Red Cedar, Palo Santo, White Sage
Immune System and Herbal Support

Lesson 2 teaching: Deepening your Relationship with your Spirit Allies

Medicine of the East: Air/Wind, Sunrise, Lightning, Rainbow.
Journey: Crow/Raven, Praying Mantis, Hawk,
Plant Medicine: Dandelion, Wild Violet, Chickweed, Cleavers
Emotional Shock and how to treat it
Bioregional Exploration
Nervous System and Herbal Support

Lesson 3 teaching: Boundaries and Relationships

Medicine of the South: Fire, Sun.
Inner Landscape Exploration and Correspondences
Journey: Mountain Lion, Wolf, Rabbit, Snake
Plant Medicine: Motherwort, SJW, Tobacco, Yarrow
Empathy, Triggers, and Healthy Boundaries
Working with Smoke Medicine
Clearing and Blessing for Relationships, Land and Buildings
Cardiovascular System and Herbal Support

Lesson 4 teaching: Emotional Wholeness; Authenticity and Integrity

Medicine of the West: Water, Moon, Clouds, Rain, Hurricane.
Journey: Dolphin, Turtle, Shark, Whale
Plant Medicine: Goldenrod, Blue Vervain, Ghost Pipe, Rabbit Tobacco, Mullein
Medicine Wheel
Working with Archetypes
Flower Essences
Lymphatic System and Herbal Support


Keep in mind: When we work together with specific plants, animals, stones, etc., you are invited to work with these same allies, or you are more than welcome to ask which allies want to work with you that lesson. For example, when we are working with Bird medicine, you may have Scrub Jay call to you, or hummingbird may bring you medicine. Always listen to your spirit support when working with these lessons. This is about YOU learning what YOUR medicine is.


Course Registration: $197 per cycle
Registration is closed!


Thank you Dana for sharing your medicine with us, for teaching and holding such incredible space for all of us as we went though our own journeys cultivating and deepening our relationship with ourselves, to each other, and to the earth. Thank you for your guidance and continued support all along the way this year. From this intensive, I’ve learned so much in the ways of how to access my own medicine. What questions to ask, how to ask, and how to listen. With your permission – I started my own earth medicine sister circles, to discuss and explore the topics you introduce in this intensive. What birthed from those initial discussion circles has been nothing short of transformative, connective and healing spaces for so many women to come together and commune with earth medicine. So thank you!! Thank you!! thank you!! So much love you you and all that you do!  ~Tiffany Chen


1544347_10200593351350837_1668892493_nIf you are already a medicine carrier and a wisdom keeper, thank you. We need many more of us in this world. I am ever so grateful for your support. Thank you for being in community with me. Please pass this page along so that others will know about the work we can do in this beautiful world.

~Big love,


9 thoughts on “Earth Medicine”

  1. I want to do the 6 month prerequisite of Earth Medicine in order to be considered for your internship, I attended your class today in Starkville and was moved and I feel that this is a calling.
    Thank You,
    Christina Bradford CLPN

    1. I am happy to hear that, Christina! Our next Earth Medicine 6 month class begins in September. Be sure you are following my blog posts and/or signed up for my newsletter. I will be announcing dates next month.

      ~Big love,

    1. Hi Nikki! I don’t have tickets for my Earth Medicine workshops (I probably should). The first class is Sunday, December 13th at 1:00 at the Holistic Center

      Holistic Center Address:
      2609-A Traceland Drive
      Tupelo MS 38801

    1. Hi Karon! Yes, we have already begun our Earth Medicine Online Intensive. Our first in person workshop will be December 13th at the Holistic Center. I open registration for the online intensive each November, and we begin every December 1. I hope you can make the next one!

  2. Hello Dana…
    Although I registered for the class (paypal) I somehow thought that it started after the first of the year. I missed the first class! Was there an email that I missed? I think that I just assumed that once I registered I would receive emails from you…
    So sorry. Was the class recorded so that I can catch up? Notes?

    1. Yes! You should be receiving emails from me! I am sorry we couldn’t connect with the email that I had. Do you have a different email address that I can send your welcome email out to and get you caught up? Please send me an email to so I can get everything out to you. Thank you so much for contacting me.

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