Calling Yourself Back Home

Welcome to 2023!

What is it about the beginning of a year that makes people feel obligated to lose weight, join a gym, hit the ground running, etc?

I’m not on board.

Winter is my time to find little jewels of quiet and curiosity. It’s a time when I check in with myself and pay special attention to what my body is asking for.

When you listen to your body, what do you hear?

Sometimes our feelings are a bit chaotic or distorted when we try to tune in to our bodies. If you feel as if you’re not truly present and embodied, here’s a simple technique to help you call yourself back home. This practice can be helpful if you are struggling with keeping your awareness in your body, if you have a fear due to trauma history, negative medical history or fear of medical interventions (fear of needles, fear of taking blood, etc), and more.

If you feel as if you need support doing this technique, please reach out to me or another qualified practitioner for assistance.

Calling Yourself Back

Sit quietly and breathe normally and rhythmically. Soften your gaze or close your eyes if that feels comfortable for you. (take your time with this step and get into as relaxed a state as possible)… Picture or imagine any situation where you feel you “lost” part of yourself. Call back all parts who are ready to return. Envision those tiny, beautiful sparks of you landing into your hands. Clean them well, ensuring that nothing is attached to them. Then breathe them into your heart space as you bring your hands to your heart.

Sometimes there are parts of our essence who are not ready to return. Maybe they don’t feel safe yet, or perhaps you are not yet emotionally equipped to make space for them to return. That’s okay. These situations are where a body focused therapist or a trauma informed practitioner can be helpful for you when you’re ready to work with these parts.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want more information on how to work with me. Enjoy working with this technique. I am happy to assist as needed.