Your Inner Garden

Inside your mind is a garden. This garden is a beautiful reflection of you; your life, your body, your emotions, your power and your healing. This garden changes as you change and vice versa; and as you make changes in your inner garden, these shifts can be a catalyst for change in your physical reality.


Your garden is the direct expression of your subconscious. When we explore this area together, symbols will be our language. We will explore together in community via journey work, active imagination and free writing.

With this workshop, you will learn about your inner garden, what lives there, and what spirit helpers want to work with you to create a healthy, vibrant garden. This is a three-part workshop. The series contains “Your Inner Garden”, “Creating a Healthy Inner Garden” and “Advanced Inner Garden Exploration”.

Together we use “active imagination” to develop and strengthen your energetic senses as you work within your internal landscape. Included are exercises and opportunities to dive deeper, giving you plenty of interesting experiences in the land of Spirit.

If connecting with your subconscious, actively creating change in your life on a spirit level, and becoming a positive voice for Mother Earth excites you, then you want to be part of this in person workshop.


Would you like to work with me? Great. Then register here: Inner Garden Workshop

Let’s dream a beautiful reality together.