Our journey together will begin with an informative Breakthrough session phone consultation to see exactly what treatment will fit your individual needs; you don’t have to know what you need; you will simply tell me what’s going on in your life and I will listen carefully and suggest options for you. 

Keep in mind that I offer integrated solutions based on you individually; one treatment style does not fit everyone.  We will design your unique system from the following therapeutic treatments:

CranioSacral Therapy– CranioSacral therapy is a gentle but powerful light touch therapy that relaxes the body, releases fascial restrictions and resets your central nervous system, allowing your body to more easily self correct. I offer sessions as well as training in basic and advanced CST.

Integrative Somatic Therapy – this integrative treatment incorporates cranial work, dialogue, energy work and significance signals to help you achieve amazing clarity and insight as you release pain, discomfort and/or nagging habits and roadblocks that keep you from optimum wellness.

Completion of Biological Process – This tissue-based therapy is suggested for anyone who has had birth issues, trauma (either physical or emotional), and needs help “moving forward” in some area of life.

Inner Landscape Discovery Session The Inner Landscape Discovery Session is a process of using ceremony, earth-based tools and heart-centered questions to gain insight, to find positive, proactive responses to life challenges and to formulate grounded strategies for living your most amazing life.

Reiki – Reiki is a Japanese form of light- or no-touch energy work that is fabulous for stress reduction, pain reduction and deep relaxation. I offer sessions as well as training in all three levels.

Shamanic healing – In this indigenous healing method, we access non-physical reality and make changes in that place, so that your physical reality can shift and heal in a beautiful way. Depending on your needs, we can explore journey exercises, restoring lost power, soul retrieval and/or extraction work.

Your Next Step:

Contact me to schedule your unique Breakthrough Consultation. Simply send an email to with the subject “Breakthrough Session” and let me know  what mosts interests you about my work and you can give me an idea of what’s going on with you that makes you want to work with me. Please give me your name as well so I know who I’m communicating with. I will give you more specifics about my work and a phone number for you to call for your breakthrough session.


1 thought on “Solutions”

  1. I am excited to start this journey with you. I feel like with all the doctors I’ve been shuffled around too over the past several years and absolutely no help except to hear “your sick, we just don’t know what it is or why” that maybe it’s ME…and after reading your website I feel like there is a light at the end of this tunnel! I hope you will consider taking me on! I am tired of MEDICINE that just makes me sicker. I’m tired of hearing “We don’t know what to do”…i am ready to try a holistic approach…a CLEAN and SPIRITUAL approach.

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