Sacred Hoop Herbals

My inspiration:

Many of you know that my beautiful step brother, John White, died of a heart attack on June 25th, 2011.  Our lives will never be the same.  His love for me and what I do, his belief in me, and his pride in me has inspired me to do something in his honor.  John was one of my biggest emotional champions, always ready to encourage me and support me.

And with his leaving, he taught me a very valuable lesson, one that I will never forget:  that when we die, the intensity of our love remains, nourishes and supports those we leave here, and blossoms into gorgeous acts of creativity and humanitarian efforts.  Our love makes a deep and profound difference; our love changes the future.

My purpose:

I have been creating medicine for myself and my loved ones since the mid ’90s, first out of necessity and later out of preference.  However, it wasn’t until 2007 that I began a love affair with plants and trees… this love has created a deep respect for their medicine, as well as a connection to the earth that I didn’t know could exist.   And, while I always had a desire in my heart to own an herb shop, I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate it into my already full practice.

In the time I have had Sacred Hoop Herbals, I have watched its purpose shift and grow.  It began as a little online herb shop on Poppy Swap (love Poppy Swap, by the way), and it has shifted into a seasonal membership for women who have a deep desire for self-care and earth connection.

The name “Sacred Hoop Herbals” came from my desire to do my part in mending the sacred hoop… building right relations with not only people of different races, cultures and beliefs, but also with our animal, plant and mineral siblings.  Without them, we would not exist.

My vision:

My vision for Sacred Hoop Herbals, I am sure, will grow and change many times.   But right now, I see my little membership program, my classes and workshops, and my fledgling email list as a tiny tree that I can hold in my hands… much like the little tree that I planted in honor of my brother on the beautiful property at Sweetbriars in Missouri.  I kissed the top of that tree and thought, “In 20 years, I will look up at that tree and think, ‘Wow, I remember when I held him in my lap and kissed the very top of him.'”  In 20 years, I would like to have the same awe and wonder toward Sacred Hoop Herbals.

~in gratitude,


7 thoughts on “Sacred Hoop Herbals”

  1. My beautiful Dana, since I met you, I have always known that you were special,
    Love you baby girl

  2. Wow, wow, wow. I have tears in my eyes. Beautifully written and I hope nothing but success for you. John would be so proud 🙂

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