Herbal Ally

Ahhhhh, Thank you, Kristine Brown, for inspiring me so greatly with your Herbal Ally Challenge.

My 2011 Herbal Ally is Goldenrod.

I will be posting my progress in my blog and linking them to this page.  I am soooooooo excited to be sharing this journey with you!


Choosing Goldenrod as My Ally

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Goldenrod Notes:  8/10/11

Goldenrod Friends!
Goldenrod Harvest, 2011
Goldenrod: 2011 Herbal Ally :: In Conclusion

5 Responses to Herbal Ally

  1. What a MARVELOUS choice – I really like Goldenrod, so much more versatile than I had thought originally. And, I like the taste! Go Liberty Tea!!

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  3. Elsie says:

    where can i buy Beech Tree herb to make extracts.


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