Is this you?

This series of treatments may be perfect for you if you are searching for:

  • Freedom from pain so you can enjoy your favorite activities again
  • The ability to relax your body completely, allowing you to experience deep, restful sleep
  • More effective concentration
  • The skills to deal with everyday stress more effectively
  • A feeling of wholeness and spiritual wellness
  • Increased energy and clarity of mind
  • A deep sense of forgiveness around a painful situation in your life

Because I have experienced both chronic pain that drastically changed my career, and stress that I thought I would never be able to transform into joy and contentment, I feel great compassion for where you are right now.  And I promise you I will:

  • Listen to you with a compassionate heart,
  • Be fully present with you as we explore your therapeutic options,
  • Keep everything that is said in my presence confidential,
  • Offer a unique therapy that is best suited to your individual needs,
  • Suggest trusted resources for your continued healing if their work is a good fit for you,
  • and hold a safe and peaceful space for you to fully experience your treatment, so you can easily relax and your body can self-correct.

“I had been in extreme chronic pain for almost 10 years when I met Dana and CranioSacral Therapy.  I was unable to work with my hands because of intense wrist pain and numbness in my fingers, and I couldn’t drive long distances without needing several days to recover from the back and neck/shoulder pain that was sure to follow.  After a series of treatments, my pain has decreased over 80 % and I find that I can function normally for the first time in nearly a decade.  I can play with my grandchildren now without fear of pain, and I have finally been able to drive 4 hour distances without the need for recovery time.  I am ecstatic and profoundly grateful.”  ~Cynthia J.

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