Herbal Love CSA!

Greetings, my precious friends!

Herbal Love CSA has been a huge hit! I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the goodies in my little apothecary with you each month. It’s getting hotter than Hades down here *it’s June already??*, so I have been concocting herbal blends that cool the body, nourish the central nervous system and ensure good, restorative rest.

June’s surprise box is all about some cooling down, some chilling out and some loving up.

  • sweet, cooling elixirs,
  • divine breast massage oil,
  • nourishing nervine tea blends
  • and a sacred all over body oil that will fall in love with all of your body parts.

I only have 4 of these sweet babies available and they will move very fast!

SAMSUNGOMG Bonus!! We also have only 5 of our gorgeous Pulse Botanical Sets remaining, and I am offering you the opportunity below to snap one up for yourself, or if you order BOTH sets this month, you get to enjoy a gorgeous price along with it!!

This erotic botanical set includes a nourishing tea blend, a sexy elixir *that can be added to the tea or enjoyed alone*, an “all over” *cough* body oil with no added essential oils or fragrances, and my very own chocolatey decadent lick worthy perfume sample that I blended from very high quality essential oils and absolutes.

Are you interested? We only have a handful of these gorgeous packages available, and I know you want one.

June CSA: $50 + $7shipping
Buy Now

Pulse Erotic Botanical Set: $68.50 + $7shipping
Buy Now

BOTH June CSA + Pulse! $100 + 12shipping
Buy Now
***************************************************************************Crabapple Elixir

Sacred Hoop Herbals and Your Sacred Self have teamed up to offer you a gorgeous, nourishing Herbal Love CSA!!!

Imagine receiving hand made, nourishing, gorgeous oils, elixirs, teas and ceremonial items + tips every single month. Each season, as the wheel of the year turns, you will receive a ceremonial oil designed by me.

We chose to make this a monthly membership instead of offering 6-month and year plans because we want this to be affordable for you!

Here is a list of what you might find in your Sacred Self herbal box:

  • Herbal tea blends
  • Elixirs / Oxymels
  • Ceremonial oils
  • Tinctures
  • Infused local honey
  • Gemstones
  • Incense
  • Salves / Creams
  • Perfume oils
  • mojo bags (for healing / emotions / etc)
  • Body products
  • Resins
  • And any other little precious self-love-something we want to gift to you

Ladies, this is like having Nessa + Me sending you little monthly love notes and sacred goodies. You will be so in love with this membership. This is where nourishment meets the sacred and magic slips into your daily life.


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