Completion of Biological Process


Completion of biological process sounds very formal, but it basically means this: sometimes we have an event or trauma that takes place in our lives, and our bodies don’t successfully complete a process. This can be around personal birth issues, any kind of trauma where you didn’t receive the care or the healing process you needed, birth issues – miscarriages – abortions for women, childhood injuries, and so much more.

We have found that, through addressing these issues and using the CranioSacral process, dialogue and imagery to allow the body to complete a process in a different way, the client’s body can unwind and relax into a place that allows it to “reset” and restore balance and function.

Does this mean that you can get a treatment and your chronic pain will go away? I have no clue. But I will say this: each instance we have to give our bodies the opportunity to heal and come into a place of alignment, our bodies can shift closer and closer to that balance that we seek.

I have to clarify something here: for those of you (including myself) who say, “You can’t go back and change something that has happened in your past. You can’t change the event; you can only change how you allow it to affect you,” you are correct. If you were injured or had birth trauma or a miscarriage or *fill in the blank*, you cannot physically go back and erase it from your past. That is not what this process does.

This therapy considers the theory that energetically, on some DNA, genetic, bio-instinctual (is that a word?) level, your body was not allowed to complete a naturally planned or predetermined process. Because of this, any therapy or mind-body technique you participate in may not be enough to allow your body to unwind and self-correct.

Completion of biological process allows the client’s body to re-experience a life event from a different perspective, providing a feeling of peace, closure, comfort, or whatever is needed in order to satisfy the body’s need for completion.

I can personally say that this specific process has changed my life.

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