Earth Medicine, The Tree House

The Tree House

We have just purchased an amazing space. We’re calling it “the Tree House”.

Treehouse 7

It’s 3 stories of awesome that needs lots of love and restoration.

Treehouse 6

This home has great potential, and we are so excited, but it is going to take tons of time, elbow grease and funds to completely restore it. Jack and I are going to do much of the work ourselves so that we can invest more in quality materials. I can’t wait to show you our progress as we make each room shine.

Here is how I wish to contribute to the cause (besides tons of elbow grease): every bit of income that comes from my Earth Medicine in-person workshops, events, trainings, and online courses will go toward the restoration of this beauty.

Your contribution of prayers and success vibes, your best wishes and your participation in any of my in-person or online Earth Medicine programs will help us to support and restore this sacred space. If you haven’t already, you may sign up for my Earth Medicine Workshops and Events (this newsletter will include info on my online offerings and any free giveaways I may sprinkle your direction, as well as in person events, workshops and future mentorship opportunities).

Treehouse 5

This cozy wooded lot is covered with English ivy, as well as squirrels, owls and hawk families. Okay, and probably some snakes too.  I will be introducing lots of shade loving herbs and native plants into the mix, as well as earth honoring structures and little gratitude sanctuaries. Please let me know if you have any extra plant friends to donate or sell who love wooded spaces in zone 7b!


You can find out more information about my Earth Medicine programs at this link and also when you sign up for my email updates.

Treehouse 3

I thank you.

Treehouse 2

And the Tree House thanks you also.

Treehouse 1