Advanced Reiki Master Path

Reiki Hands

Are you a Reiki Master, but:

  • you don’t feel comfortable with the process of teaching and giving attunements
  • you feel you are not experienced enough to call yourself “master”
  • you have a desire to experience energy work on a deep soul level
  • you feel that you have only experienced a taste of the potential of energy work and you want to immerse yourself fully into the art of Reiki

If any of the above sounds like you, take heart; you are not alone.

When I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2003, I was very nervous and felt insecure about my ability to pass on the gift of Reiki to my students.  I felt that I didn’t have enough experience to teach this wonderful healing modality.  On some level, I knew that I was at the very beginning of my life’s experience with Reiki, even though I was finished with the “study” of Reiki.

While I was willing to accept that I no longer would have access to advanced classes, I acknowledged a deep desire for a mentor; someone to walk the path of Reiki with me, who could suggest ways to make my Reiki experience more intimate and meaningful.  This is what I want to offer you.

I am so excited to offer an opportunity for deep immersion in my 5-month program, the Advanced Reiki Master Path.

Walking the Reiki Path

This 10-module program is designed to assist you in developing your personal style of being of service to the Reiki community.  In this class we will cover:

  1. Devotions/Meditations/Blessings (advanced self care techniques)
  2. Self-Treatment Techniques
  3. Developing a Reiki Case Study
  4. Teaching Reiki 1 – 3 (my class manuals)
  5. Living Reiki 1 – 3 (experiential exercises)
  6. Artistic Expression
  7. Symbol Exploration
  8. Reflections on the art of Mastery

My intention with this experiential course is for you to fully embrace a deeper understanding of the true meaning of “Reiki Master”, allowing you to integrate and practice it more fully in your life (and possibly your career).

With the Advanced Reiki Master Path you will receive the following:

  • 10 inspiring lessons that you can work at your own pace,
  • all of my Reiki class notes, levels 1 through 3  *with permission granted to use these documents in your classes*, and
  • interaction with me via recorded audio!

The cost for this 5 month program is $495.

I am offering it to you for a limited time for only $95  !!!

I am honored to be of service to you.


DSC_0378Deep Peace,

*This course is open to anyone who is a Reiki Master; you don’t have to be trained exclusively by Dana Tate Bailey in order to register for this class.  If you want to experience Reiki more fully in your practice or your personal life, you are going to love the Advanced Reiki Master Path.

*This is an experiential course for Reiki Masters, designed for personal growth, and is not intended to be seen as an additional level to Reiki, a continuing education course for massage therapists, or as a certification process.  This information belongs to Dana Tate Bailey.

When you take this course, you will be given her level 1-3 instruction manual information that you have permission to use in your personal attunement classes; however the information in this course is not to be distributed, shared, or used for teaching purposes.

If you are a Reiki Master and you would like to take this course, send me an email at