Earth Medicine, Living in a Good Way

A Message From the Ancestors


I spent time with my Ancestors today, and I called on my allies, Rabbit Tobacco, Cedar, Yarrow, and Mugwort, to help me in ceremony.

I got called out, y’all. I’m not going to gloss it over. I will be spending quite some time with the messages I received from my Ancestors, processing it, looking at myself without my protective defenses engaged, and surrendering to a big dose of humility.

I asked for a message for my community and this is what they gave me. I love you all very deeply, and I hope this offering can be a balm for your hearts.


Message from the Ancestors:

No matter where you stood to observe the view of the election, we want you to know that what you saw and the fears that you hold have been honored and witnessed. You are never alone, and you will always have our support. However, we also want to make clear to you that elections and “who is in charge” is not important to us; you are important to us. You as a collective are who we birthed into this world, and we constantly love and support you collectively and individually as you work to become your best self and live your soul’s purpose.

We are not attempting to belittle your fears, your feelings of inequality, or your concern for environmental damage; those are very real and we understand your fears and your anger and your frustration. We also see the strength of your spirits and the ability you have to bring about change. You may see yourself as alone, but we see millions of you who have the potential to band together and be the support you need in order to live your best lives.


Here are some things we want you to have in your awareness:

  1. Take good care of yourself. Your body, your emotions, what you expose yourself to mentally, and your connection to “that which is bigger than you” is vitally important.
  2. In everything you think, say, or do, ask yourself if you are operating from your heart. If you are not, make a conscious adjustment.
  3. If you are angry, we encourage you to harness the energy of that anger and use it in a productive way; in a way that is healing and brings strength to your community. Anger without healthy action is detrimental to you and to those within your influence. You are holding strong energy there; use it wisely and with love.
  4. If you are afraid, we encourage you to take some time to connect with the earth mother and ground into your place. You belong and you are supported.
  5. If you feel ambivalent and operate as if your voice doesn’t matter, we encourage you to shift your perspective and rise up and participate in your world. If you feel resistant to that, we encourage you to reconnect with us and with the earth and explore what is keeping you isolated. We are big enough to hold your concerns.
  6. Love each other. Really. This is so important. We cannot help you if you do not operate from a place of love. You have experienced what it feels like to be divided. This is an opportunity to change. Take responsibility, stand up, and love each other.


We offer you this wisdom and comfort and a different, wider perspective at this time; we can see the bigger picture, and we can see opportunities for you to step into who you really are, individually, as a community, and as a nation.

You are the powerful ones, children, not the structure you are looking to for support. You are being called to take responsibility for restoring community. Who is your community? Do you have one? What are your strengths? How can you be of service? Do you have the heart of an advocate? Do you have the heart of a healer? A warrior? A Visionary? Whatever you do, you must do it from your Heart. Fear will not take you very far in your act of service, but your heart will hold you and carry your message to the most amazing lengths.

What we have to say may make you angry, and what we say may bring you a sense of hope and empowerment. No matter how you respond, know that your heart has been moved, and you are being called to step forward for yourself and for your community at this time. If this brings up more questions for you than answers, then we invite you to develop right relationship with your ancestral support so that you can receive further guidance and wisdom. We are speaking through Dana’s perception; always remember that you have direct access to spirit support. We encourage you to turn to us and develop relationship with us so that you can hear our messages.

We offer these messages to you with deep love, with full awareness of the magnificent spirits you truly are.