Earth Medicine

Who Holds Your Power?

Some of the most therapeutic work I have experienced in my life has involved restoration of personal power. From a very young age, many of us have been taught to unconsciously give our power away…

because we are too much.

because we are better off than someone else.

because it’s how we show love and concern.

because we are not as important as someone else.

because our feelings don’t matter.

This Earth Medicine healing session involves energetic clearing and restoration of power.


True power is a beautiful and necessary component of a whole and complete person. “Power over” is what people generally think of when they hear the word “power”, but true power doesn’t hold anything over anyone; true power is something that needs to be restored in order to operate from a heart-centered place in relationships.

Power is very healing when you’re holding and working with your own power; but what if someone else is holding your power? What would that look like?

Someone else may be holding your power when you feel lost or out of control while trying to communicate.

Maybe you have a difficult time keeping your emotions and someone else’s emotions separate.

You may feel a sense of overwhelm, confusion or even a bit of fatigue while simply being in the presence of a particular person.

What would holding someone else’s power look like for you?

You may feel like you always have to take care of, fix or complete something for someone else, even though they should be able to do it on their own.

They need you. “What would they do without me?”

You were called “little mama” or “protector” or “the man of the house”, etc., from a very young age.

The work that you and I do together helps to restore your power, and it also helps you to gently and respectfully return the power that you hold for others, giving you the opportunity to approach your relationships from a more loving and authentic place.

The clearing process that we do together will help you to clear any energy that keeps you in emotional patterns that no longer serve you. At the same time, we will track, identify and bring healing to empathy overwhelm so that you can bring your complete presence to your relationships without feeling like you’re taking on your loved one’s pain or emotional issues.

This work helps with relationships between paterners, siblings, parent/child, coworkers, and just about any other relationship imaginable. Relationship begins with the YOU that you bring to it. If you are struggling with a relationship challenge, contact me via the contact form below, and let’s schedule a time to work together. If you are already sure you want to work with me, click this link and register for a session.

Power Restoration Session

Remember: you matter, and the more complete you are energetically, the more you can move forward in integrity and operate from a place of compassion.