Final Call for Earth Medicine Carriers!

Bear and Horse Medicine Bundle

I am so thrilled to begin our Earth Medicine 6-month Online Intensive again! Starting tomorrow, December 1st, we will learn how to connect, honor and develop right relationship with all of our relations; plant, animal, mineral, tree, mountain, etc., and we will also learn how to be in right relationship with ourselves and each other.

This class is so enriching; it’s filled with wonderful information, journey exercises, ceremony examples and lesson teachings that have personally changed my life. This is called an intensive because of the amazing amount of materials that we cover; however you are not required to complete every exercise or journey prompt in this course. It’s a foundational course that is the basis for the advanced mentorship training that I offer both in person and online.

Each lesson will include the following topics: Journey exercises, Animal Spirit medicine, Plant Spirit medicine, Stone Spirit medicine and creating a working Earth Medicine Altar.

Lesson 1 teaching: Connection, Cleansing and Creating Sacred Space

Medicine of the North: Earth.
Grounding practices and Stillness
Bear and Deer Medicine
Root Medicine, Mushrooms and Elder Medicine
Immune System

Lesson 2 teaching: Deepening your Relationship with your Spirit Allies

Medicine of the East: Air.
Bird Medicine
Energy Medicine
Nervous System Allies
Passiflora, Oat and Kava Medicine

Lesson 3 teaching: Boundaries and Relationships

Medicine of the South: Fire.
Mountain Lion and Wolf Medicine
Hawthorn, Rose, Cacao
Cardiovascular Medicine

Lesson 4 teaching: Emotional Wholeness; Authenticity and Integrity

Medicine of the West: Water.
Dolphin Medicine
Lymphatic Medicine
Cleavers, Chickweed, Violet

Lesson 5 teaching: Connection and Right Relationship

Medicine of the Above: Spirit.
Hummingbird Medicine
Ancestral Allies
Mountain Medicine: Wisdom

Lesson 6 teaching: Healing the Medicine Carrier

Medicine of the Below: Within
Mugwort Medicine
Black Panther Medicine
Healing the non physical: shadow work
River Medicine: Wash it all Away

I am thrilled to be offering these lessons online! Spend 6 months in a deep, restorative experiential with me. We’re going to have a blast!

You can register here!
Course Registration: $197

If you are located outside the United States, then it will probably be easier to send registration via PayPal. Be sure that I have your most used email address so that I can send your welcome letter!

P.S. When you register for this class, I will send you my bonus e-book, “Your Inner Garden” for FREE. Here’s a link to show you what it’s about: http://wp.me/P1kFaB-xY

I’m so excited to send this free e-book out to you when you register early because it’s so helpful in developing a sound journey practice. And we’re going to be doing some journey work in this 6-month program.

Big hugs,
Dana and Bear