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Mugwort Medicine


Mugwort Medicine

Artemisia vulgaris is one of my favorite plant spirit medicines. She really helps us during dream time. This elder plant or “crone plant” holds deep wisdom and is a great plant ally to connect with when you want to connect with your intuition and your inner wisdom.

Mugwort is a very strong digestive bitter. It’s also a very good “moving” herb, so it helps with menstrual cramping and stagnation. I like to make an infused oil of mugwort along with pennyroyal and rose for a tummy oil for menstrual cramps. I will also use it internally with motherwort and black cohosh, maybe some rose and kava for PMS with cramping.

Mugwort is a great anti-fungal and anti-viral, and it’s also indicated for infections in the mouth. I have also used her in elixir blends for the heart, for the nervous system, for liver and skin issues and in pain relief blends.

Place some mugwort in your medicine bag or make a dream pillow if you like and keep it with you when you dream or when you journey. Make sure if you work with mugwort for dream time, use it with intention and be clear about what you want to know from your dreams. If you don’t give mugwort a clear direction, your dreams will likely be very chaotic, confusing and/or disturbing.

You can make tea with it but it’s very bitter, so you may have to acquire a taste for it… you may also make a tincture with it. If you are going to use this plant ally internally, don’t use if you are a nursing mother or if you are pregnant.

Mugwort Back

Mugwort makes a great smudge stick; it’s very protective and clearing/cleansing. Many times I have used it in the place of White Sage for certain purposes, and I love the way she blends so well in a smudge bundle with Rosemary, Yarrow and Cedar. Gorgeous and powerful.