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Lymphatic System and Herbal Allies



The Lymphatic System and Herbal Allies

I have been fascinated with the lymphatic system for a few years now; like, really fascinated. Did you know that this system is the largest circulatory system in your body? Did you know that the health of one’s lymphatic system can affect the condition of one’s blood? I have learned (and keep learning) so much about this system, how to nourish it, how to honor it, how to keep it moving.

I would like to feature the work of one of my greatest teachers, Rebecca Altman, with King’s Road Apothecary and Thorn & Wonder. You can sign up for her email newsletter Here. Do eet. You will love her.

On Water
The Lymphatic System
More on the Lymphatic System

On an herbal note:

These are the herbal allies I have explored while working with the lymphatic system, and I love them all.

  • Local (to me) herbs: Chickweed, Cleavers, Calendula, Red Clover, Poke (low dose or a few berries at a time), Plantain, Bee Balm (for a little tasty gut support)
  • Herbs from reputable sources: Red Root, Ocotillo, Alder, Echinacea with Astragalus (reduces swelling and congestion in the lymphatic system)
  • Liver loving support: Burdock Root, Dandelion, Milk Thistle Seed, Yellow Dock

Calendula, red clover, plantain, rose, and bee balm make a FANTASTIC lymph support tea.

Lymphatic Support Suggestions:

Please please please do not “Detox”. Please. I mean it. Your body is made to detox on its own. Consider nourishment and supportive measures instead. Here are some lymph loving suggestions (beyond herbal consumption):

  • Eat mostly local foods that are available in season.
  • Consume homemade bone broth.
  • Learn lymphatic massage techniques, create an awesome lymphatic oil, and give yourself a weekly massage.
  • Dry brushing stimulates circulation, removes dead skin cells and stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Move yer ass!
  • Do some deep breathing.
  • Keep your body well-hydrated with water. Adding a pinch of Celtic sea salt to your water can aid in absorption.
  • Lymphatic breast massage is also very important, ladies; especially if you wear a bra more than a few hours a day.

Extra Resources:

The New Era of the Lymphatic System

Kiva Rose: River Medicine: Alder’s Transformation of Lymph, Blood and the Human Ecology


2 thoughts on “Lymphatic System and Herbal Allies”

  1. Thank you. I love your post and all the articles attached to it! Learning these body systems can be overwhelming some times, but this makes me just want to focus on the lymph for a while myself. Thanks for the info.

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