Earth Medicine

Medicine Bundles


Bear and Horse Medicine Bundle

Do you need a little support?

My medicine bundles are beautifully created with ceremony, ritual and prayers, and each is specifically created for individual needs; I never make up medicine bundles to keep on hand. Each piece of medicine that is selected to make your bundle is Your Medicine for This Moment.

Enclosed in your bundle are the 4 sacred herbs, along with one or more stone allies and plant allies who wish to be with you; they will support you and strengthen your medicine. I will also enclose specific animal medicine that corresponds with the animal spirits who will be working with you. Bear always likes to stick her claw into the making of my bundles, so Bear medicine is always present in some form.

Medicine Bundles: $46 (includes shipping)

Here’s how you can get one: send me a message at describing how you need support. I will possibly ask you a few questions to assist me in the making of your medicine bundle. Then you can send payment via my online store, The Holistic Center, and I will create and send your medicine bundle right out.


Do you need some guidance along with your support? An Earth Medicine Journey Reading may be perfect for you. An Earth Medicine Journey Reading is a two-fold process: first I go into journey on your behalf with a question or a situation that you have shared with me. I come back with wisdom from your allies and mine, and I may introduce you to new allies who wish to walk beside you on your journey. Second, I go on a Medicine Walk on your behalf, and I receive impressions and medicine for you. Your reading will be sent to you in a PDF file. Because of the nature of this reading, I can only do one of these per day. Several hours are spent devoted to you and your specific situation.

Let me know if this service speaks to your heart.

Earth Medicine Journey Readings: $80
Medicine Bundles: $46 (includes shipping)
Earth Medicine Journey Reading + Medicine Bundle: $116 (inc. shipping)

All purchase options are available at the Holistic Center online store link.

Treehouse 7

Each time you purchase a bundle or an Earth Medicine Journey Reading from me, you are supporting the restoration of the Tree House. Thank you so much. Your desire to work with me as you carry the medicine is an honor.


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