‘Sippi ‘Simmon Harvest and Yum Recipes

I can’t wait to try these persimmon recipes!
Daddy and I will be making persimmon wine; I’ll let you know how it goes. *excited*

Madhupa Maypop

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ripe fuyu persimmon harvest for jam making

Persimmon (Diospyros spp):  “dios” and “pyros” basically work together to mean “divine fruit”

It’s the time of year…and THIS year *that time* of year came a lot sooner with the recent death freeze we are experiencing.  I’m sure everyone on the East Coast is feeling the voice of Mother Earth and Father Sky at the moment.  They are making themselves loud and clear.  Now, if only we had the skill to listen.

Alas, it’s persimmon time in Mississippi…  The Deep South is dotted with wild persimmons (Diospyros virginiana) and we’ve been snacking on those.  However, to make jam, we went for the large, cultivated fellas from the lovely local orchard, Reese Orchard.  Reese has mostly fuyu persimmons which can be eaten raw (and like an apple) due to their nonastrigency and no tannins.

My partner and I went…

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About Dana Tate Bailey

I am an Integrative CranioSacral therapist, Earth Medicine practitioner, and ceremonial herbalist, specializing in integrative mind-body therapies, and I work and teach at the Holistic Center in Tupelo, MS.
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