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Nothing says “OHMYGAWD” in your mouth like bitters.

The first bitters blend I ever tried was a gift from an herbalist friend. I immediately puckered up, made an “ohmygawdthat’snasty” face, and then decided I was in love with it.

Bitters has an amazing history; seems one of its first uses was to prevent poisoning. I guess it’s like building up an immunity to Iocane powder. For an in depth analysis on iocane powder, visit this Youtube link: Iocane Powder

Now. Where were we? Oh yeah. Bitters.


Bitters has changed mah life. For real. I have been dealing with serious digestive issues for going on 10 years now. Acid reflux almost daily, medications that only made my issues worse (and messed with my ability to assimilate nutrients)… I have made lifestyle changes, stopped smoking, changed the foods and liquids I consume, etc., and Nothing. Helped. Me.

Not long term.

Except bitters.

I take bitters 10 – 20 minutes before meals. Sometimes if I feel that I need a bit of a digestive boost, I’ll take another dose about an hour or so after I have finished a meal; especially if that meal was heavy on the protein or if I feel I ate a bit too much.

I am also seeing others report that, when we have a craving for sweets, it’s really our bodies signalling the need for more bitters in our diets; therefore it is said to reduce sugar cravings.

I have also seen that people are claiming it is affecting issues with borderline diabetes and insulin resistance. Note: I am not telling you to get off your meds and take bitters for diabetes, you hear me?? Good. Do your own research.

As far as I have experienced, bitters are the shizzle. Translation: this is some awesome chit.

I have some extra in my shop.

*Pucker up, Buttercup*


3 thoughts on “Bitters!!!!”

  1. Good Morning! I am back to comment here, as I do not have virusbook 😀
    I followed your link to it and noted your writing and experience with willow. I do not recall if I spoke with you about my own experience. I have found that, as long as one is not allergic to salicylic acid, that if I ask and take 5-10 leaves of the weeping willow and chew them and (not swallowing the juice) then spit it out onto nettle touched areas and bug bites and other irritations from walking out of doors, this removes the ouch, itch, sting within seconds of application. I normally just leave the pulp there until it dries and falls off on its own.

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