Tree Medicine

Pine trees, Incense + Owl Medicine


Lemme tell you about my afternoon.

I came home from work, walked out to my mailbox, and saw a pine limb down from the storms.  Well, after I picked that limb up, I looked ahead and saw another one.  And then another one.  And then I got all excited and hauled arse straight into the woods to get as many pine limbs as I could hold.  *thankfully we didn’t have any mail* LOL

Some of my Loot.
Some of my Loot.
Pine + Big Ass Tea Cup
Pine + Big Ass Tea Cup

Well!   You KNOW I was a happy camper, and I thought of all kinds of yummy stuff I could do with this tasty gift.  I gave away most of my pine infused vinegar as Yule gifts this year, so I am sure I will be making more of that, but this evening is all about some hot chai in a big ass cup, swoon worthy incense from my herbalist friends, and ever-so-discreetly stealing Jack’s “good” brandy for some pine elixir!  But this ain’t just any pine elixir, this is Jack’s “good” brandy mixed with “OMFG Sage infused honey”.

Here’s how it all went down.

I put the tea on, gather some supplies, and trot back to the kitchen to find Jack looking at the pine limbs piled up in the kitchen sink.

Jack:  “Is there a reason why there are pine limbs in the sink?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Jack shrugs and leaves kitchen.

I ever so gently *not* remove the needles from the limbs and place them in my wooden bowl.  I can hear the owls talking to each other in the trees beside my house as I work.

*insert thoughts of gratitude for my abundant harvest while eavesdropping on the owl conversation*

Next I cut up some needles and add some of the limbs and tips to a jar.


Then comes the OMFG Sage Honey

OMFG sage honey

*insert intentions for healing + nourishment for recipient(s) of this blend*

Jack walks into the kitchen.  “What are you doing?”

Me:  “Making magic.”

Jack shrugs and leaves kitchen.

Dana reaches into cabinet and snags “good” brandy.

Brandy infused Pine

Mix well.

*insert smug satisfaction*

And that’s how it went down, folks.  The owls have just quieted, I’ve finished my tea, my awesome mail carrier just brought me two exciting packages *that I’ve already ripped open with glee*, and Jack still has no clue I just used all of his brandy.

Life is good.


Here are some New Year’s Eve notes:

This year has been amazing, healing and nourishing for me.  My creative projects this next year will reflect those qualities.

We had to say a very sad goodbye to my precious friend, Tim Hardy, this past Thursday.   Tim, my darling friend, you are well loved and missed like mad already.

ArtShow 006

A few Blog posts that are inspiring me this season:

Plant Journeys:  Conifer Tree Potions (Solstice Medicine – or How to Use your Christmas Tree by Ananda Wilson

Cauldrons & Crockpots:  Fir Tip Shortbread and Crying over Smoked Milk by Rebecca McAwesome

The Medicine Woman’s Roots:  Pantry Medicine…Onion Poultices, Syrups + Tinctures  and Plant Devotions in Smoke: Bioregional Plant Incense by Kiva Rose

Herb Mentor:  How to make Body Butter by Rosalee de la Forêt

Please share your favorite winter blog posts in the comments section!!!  *also, feel free to share your own work*  ♥

Love, Dana
Love, Dana

*Note* For those of you who don’t get the “good” brandy joke, Jack came home with some brandy and the following conversation ensued.

Jack: “Hey Dana, this brandy is the good stuff.”
Me: “Okay.”
Jack: “That means you can’t put your plants in it.”
Me: *snicker*


8 thoughts on “Pine trees, Incense + Owl Medicine”

  1. Finding a nice collection of pine branches after a storm is always such a blessing.

    But you had me thinking in a different direction…sage/pine infused honey. Which is now so on my agenda!


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