Plant Essences

Dogwood Medicine

Dogwood Essence:

I use Dogwood Medicine *essence / energy work* for people who have been “hardened” by life experiences.  They think they have to be tough to survive, even though there is nothing in their lives now that make them need to be that way.

I use it as a softening and integration process *for example, in body work or in a “soft belly” meditation*, and it is also very good in conjunction with CranioSacral Therapy for PTSD work, as well as for soul retrieval in shamanic work.

Great to use with honeysuckle medicine *gently places one in the present… for those who get stuck in the past*

Themes:  softening, acceptance, forgiveness

~Dana Tate

The following are other ways Dogwood flower essence is documented as being used. These sources were found online and are not my work:


Helps one to release the ego’s need to control, thus supporting the emergence of new abilities of the spirit to flow.


Issues treated by Dogwood essence include emotional trauma, inner child, rigidity, and self endangerment.


Positive qualities:
Grace-filled movement, physical and etheric harmony.

Patterns of imbalance:
Awkward and painful awareness of the body. Emotional trauma stored deep within the body.


Pacific Dogwood Tree Essence works from the spiritual to the physical levels laying in an upgraded blueprint for your nervous system.  In effect, it is like rewiring you from 110 volts, to 220, 330 or 440 volts so your nervous system can accommodate these higher frequencies as they are introduced to Earth. By doing this it calms the sense of shattering and brings peace to your body and emotions. This essence is wonderfully helpful for humans. And it may be helpful for companion animals as they tend to take on what their humans are experiencing in order to help them.

Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nuttallii) – Installs an upgraded blueprint for the nervous system so it can accommodate higher voltage frequencies. This calms the sense of “shattering”.

As the essence says of itself: I AM peaceful integration of your higher voltage nervous system.


Healing Properties:
Dogwood flower essence promotes unity on the physical and energetic levels, and healing from abuse. The Dogwood creates a lightness in your body. Abuse victims will often carry trauma with them in their physical and spiritual bodies, even long after the trauma has passed. Our bodies have the unfortunate ability to hold onto trauma as a physical manifestation of fear. The victim’s body becomes a shell, with a protective outer aura to prevent further damage – even after the damage has already been done. Erase this aura of protection and release your physical and spiritual life with this flower remedy. Begin to let your spirit and body move with grace!


Positive qualities:
Grace-filled movement, physical and etheric harmony.

Patterns of imbalance:
Awkward and painful awareness of the body; emotional trauma stored deep within the body.When we say that a soul is filled with grace, we are referring to a particular fullness and flexibility of the etheric body, the most immediate sheath which surrounds the physical body. If there is repeated violation to the body-either through physical or sexual abuse, or by very harsh physical and materialistic living circumstances-the etheric body shrivels, and consequently the physical body hardens.

The soul suffers greatly from an inability to live properly within the physical-etheric body. The emotions can become hardened, and the body is felt as awkward and ungainly. Quite often such a person unconsciously repeats earlier patterns of degradation by choosing abusive relationships or exhibiting self-destructive tendencies.

The beautiful Dogwood flower essence helps to expand the etheric body and soften the physical body. The individual is able to feel more gentleness and inner sanctity, as the soul regains its state of grace through harmonious communion with the life or etheric body.


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