Tree Medicine

Crab Apple

I have the most wonderful little crab apple trees.  I can’t say I always loved them; several of them are quite old and worn out.  They are falling apart, and sometimes only one or two branches on an entire tree will bud out and bloom.

I contemplated putting the poor babies out of their misery (or mine) and cutting them down.

But something stopped me.

Last Fall I decided to try to connect with these trees to see what they wanted me to do with them.  Jessi and I pruned some of them, and while doing so, ran a little flying squirrel out of her home (she was in one of the hollow, dead sections of a tree we were pruning).

We felt awful for disrupting the poor baby, so we left her alone (after Jessi left her a peace offering of raisins in front of her “door”).  Several days later, I decided to make some crab apple infused oil with some leaves and twigs.  I fell in love with the oil, and I am excited about making crab apple blossom infused oil this Spring.

I received several impressions from Crab Apple while working with her medicine.  The longer I worked with her, the more calm, soothed and peaceful I felt.  I noticed that I had more clarity and the things that had my mind churning and working like a puzzle just kind of faded into the background.

She also had a very gentle way of warming my heart and lifting my spirits, making me smile often as I worked with her.  My friend, Darcey, said that she is very good for alleviating feelings of disgust, self reproach or feelings of uncleanliness.  Many people who feel the obsessive need to detox can find balance and possibly self acceptance with this essence.  I found that very interesting, and, based on my experiences with this medicine, I agree with Darcey’s insights.

I am very impressed with my little old trees.  They have taught me something very valuable:  even the sad looking, half alive, very broken trees have tremendous value.  I am grateful for their lesson.

~Walk in peace and beauty.


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